McCabe Associates has worked for a number of clients, locally and nationwide, in conducting workers’ compensation investigations with proven results. If you own a business, are an insurance agent or Third Party Administrator (TPA), human resources manager, or are otherwise responsible for employees or workers, a workers’ compensation investigation can help ensure that each of the workers filing a workers’ compensation claim are entitled to compensation benefits.

McCabe Associates private investigators have the knowledge, experience, and use a variety of techniques to uncover workers’ compensation fraud. Workers’ compensation or AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment/Course of Employment) investigations are conducted to gather the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job. The purpose of an AOE/COE investigation is to establish the details of an alleged injury, as well as to ascertain whether the alleged injury was work-related and happened during the course of employment, or whether the injury was non-work-related. Experienced AOE/COE investigators often times identify subrogation issues, as well as other possible contributory factors.

McCabe Associates is a full-service insurance fraud investigative firm. We provide consultation and fraud investigations to insurance companies, third party administrators (TPAs), self-insured corporations, and workers’ comp attorneys. If you need our private investigation services for a workers’ compensation investigation, contact us today.