Organizations today are faced with a number of factors (both internal and external) that affect the security of the organization, company, or establishment. In an effort to identify the issues, organizations need to know and understand that the components of security are identified by the terms threat, risk and vulnerability:

  • Threat is the act of a person, thing, or occurrence that causes damage and harm (hurricanes, floods, or acts of terrorism). Generally, these cannot be controlled or prevented. It is important to be aware of the potential; however, they are not under your control but can establish procedures to react to said threat.
  • Risk is exposure to danger and can be mitigated by reducing your vulnerability.
  • Vulnerability is a weakness in the development, procedures, process, structural soundness, or operations that can be treated through identification, corrective or preventative measures, and policies and procedures.

A security audit provides an assessment of the security operations of a company and locations, whether it be physical security, IT security, or operational security, to identify the potential for threat, identify risk, and vulnerabilities. As a result of the findings of the security audit, the McCabe Associates team, will make detailed recommendations for corrective actions, establishment of policies and procedures, and the implementation and training in said policies and procedures, to provide safety and security to the staff, employees, and assets of a company. Contact us today to learn more.