School district investigations are conducted when allegations arise that an employee has violated the employee code of conduct, policy and procedures, the principles of professional practices, the code of ethics or principles of professional conduct, other state Board of Education rule, or violated a state or federal statute.

These investigations are comprehensive, in-depth, fact-finding endeavors to obtain all the information involving the complaint for the school district or the attorney representing the school district.

Investigations may involve obtaining, reviewing and analyzing documents, obtaining other forms of evidence, surveillance, conducting interviews of victims and witnesses or other involved parties, and the individual who is the subject of the investigation. The investigation involves a complete analysis of all the facts and evidence gathered and is finalized with a comprehensive report which compiles all relevant statements and evidence obtained. The results of the private investigation will typically determine if or to what degree the allegations occurred, confirmed or exonerated, with the submission of a detailed investigative report, statements, and any evidence collected.

McCabe Associates private investigators are highly trained and experienced in handling these investigations and working with school districts, state departments of education, and union representatives.

School district investigations can take on many different forms:

  • Administrative: Investigations that are employee related to determine if disciplinary action should be taken by an employer against an employee.
  • Criminal: Investigations into possible criminal activity by a district employee, which, if substantiated, could result in arrest and prosecution.
    School Residency Verification: Investigations to determine if a student and his/her family is in fact living within the school district where the student is attending.
  • Internal Investigations: Conduct confidential and impartial internal investigations involving alleged misconduct by an employee (security guard, bus driver, teacher, maintenance, administrative, and clerical staff). These private investigations include sexual harassment, age discrimination, excessive force by staff or faculty, employee theft, activity checks, and surveillance. These investigations can also include student matters that have occurred on the school property.
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks: Verify previous employment, workers’ compensation claims, references, criminal record checks, driving history, credit checks, and residency verification.
  • High Risk Terminations: Safeguarding the school district, its employees and district facilities in high-risk termination matters when an employee is terminated.
  • Video Surveillance: Covert video lawful surveillance in public places within the school property.
  • Risk Assessments (Security, Safety, and Penetration Assessments): Performing high-quality security, safety and penetration assessments to reveal and reduce risk. Our assessments will cover everything from initial consultations, undercover investigations, field valuations, follow-up consultations and professionally written reports with recommendations.