The security and safety of executives, personnel, information, and property is a key consideration for corporations today.

The current risk situation facing companies, both internationally and domestically, is filled with uncertainties. Vulnerability assessments are a critical part of organizational risk assessment. In addition to being good business practice, regular assessments are mandated by regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

McCabe’s highly experienced personnel, with backgrounds in national and international law enforcement, business, and security risk assessment, can offer the highest level of security preparedness. We work closely with key leadership to compare your firm’s current practices with the best practices in security management systems, human resources, physical security, workplace procedures, and crisis management plans.

McCabe Associates has long been recognized as having a high standard of excellence in the field of corporate vulnerability assessment. As security consultants, we can provide you with the executive protection and security risk assessment you need for your business. Contact us!