Background Investigations

We have extensive knowledge in background checks to provide on-demand background checks, our services utilizes ethical and lawful information-gathering methods, using technological sources, open-sources, proprietary databases and information developed through human intelligence to develop information on the reputations of individuals and companies.

Background Investigations (Checks) are an excellent step towards reducing risk. Today’s business environment dictates prudent business practices that require background investigations of persons involved with you, your business or your employees.

McCabe Associates Background Screening services utilize ethical and lawful information-gathering methods, using technological sources, open-sources, proprietary databases and information developed through human intelligence to develop information on the reputations of individuals and companies to protect our clients’ interests.

Employment Screening

In business today, it is necessary to protect both the company as well as the employees. Employment Screening is often referred to as the first line of defense for a company. Having Employment Screening procedures in place enables employers to make more informed decisions when hiring and also reduces potential workplace risks such as fraud, abuse, theft, and violence.

Employment Screening is also an excellent tool to be utilized when considering candidates for promotion or assignment to specialized areas where an individual’s history, status, character and reputation may affect the position within the company.

McCabe Associates provides comprehensive Employment Screening solutions, offering a broad range of screenings such as county, state, federal, and country criminal searches, education and employment verifications, and reference interviewing, when requested. With more than 25 years of experience, McCabe Associates has the solutions to meet your needs and the ability to deliver fast and accurate results.

When conducting Employment Screening investigations, our clients are advised that employment screening and background checks for pre-employment and employment must comply with federal laws that protect applicants and employees from discrimination by law as outlined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Additionally, when conducting pre-employment and employment screening, companies by law must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Human Resources Investigations

Inevitably, there comes a time in every Human Resource Manager’s existence where a complaint, an accusation, alleged employee misconduct, or a rumor of something amiss comes to their attention requiring some sort of action. And occasionally a complaint may arrive through an outside agency, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or even a lawsuit.

These represent situations where an internal investigation is called for; to gather facts, sort out the details, and then finally to reach a conclusion which leads to an employment decision, a response to an agency, or to prepare a defense in a lawsuit.

Well-done Human Resource investigations serve other purposes. For example, they can serve as a demonstration to staff that their employer is committed to objective and fair treatment of employees.

No matter how hard an employer and the Human Resource Manager tries to treat all employees in a fair manner, chances are a time will come when a staff member will react to an employment decision negatively and perceive that he or she was treated unjustly. In other instances, an employee’s supervisor may actually have injured the employee in some way or violated company policy.

When an employer is faced with an internal investigation it should be done correctly and by a qualified investigator following proper procedures with detailed documentation in preparation for a labor hearing or trial.

Many Human Resource investigations fall under the category of Internal Investigations. McCabe Associates investigators are highly trained in these investigations with experience in the corporate world.


Surveillance is a specialized investigative technique administered to covertly secure information about an individual’s or group’s activities relevant to a dispute or proceeding. The information obtained and the evidence secured through surveillance can be used by attorneys, businesses, law enforcement, government, and others.

McCabe Associates has one of the most comprehensive and experienced teams in the United States and in Latin America. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to compile immediate, comprehensive and reliable results. McCabe Associates is constantly investing in new technologies that streamline investigations and protect our clients.

Work Force Disruption Management

Rely on McCabe Associates experts with extensive experience as corporate security and law enforcement professionals to assist your corporation with Workforce Disruption Management.   Contingency planning and risk management during periods of layoffs, downsizing, plant closures, and labor disputes is essential to help mitigate security risk in your facilities and protect corporate assets.

Workers Compensation

These criminals to reduce fraud. McCabe Associates works for a number of clients, locally and nationwide, in conducting Workers’ Compensation investigations with proven results.

If you own a business, are an insurance agent or Third Party Administrator (TPA), Human Resources Manager, or otherwise are responsible for employees or workers, a Workers’ Compensation investigation can help ensure that each of the workers filing a Worker’s Compensation claim are entitled to compensation benefits.
McCabe Associates investigators have the knowledge, experience and use a variety of techniques to uncover Workers’ Compensation fraud. Workers’ Compensation or AOE/COE (Arising out of Employment/Course of Employment) investigations are conducted to gather the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job. The purpose of an AOE/COE investigation is to establish the details of an alleged injury, as well as to ascertain whether the alleged injury was work-related and happened during the course of employment, or whether the injury was non work related.
Experienced AOE/COE investigators often times identify Subrogation issues, as well as other possible contributory factors. AOE/COE (Arising out of Employment/Course of Employment)

McCabe Associates is a full service insurance fraud investigative firm. We provide consultation and fraud investigations to insurance companies, third party administrators (TPA’s), self-insured corporations, and workers’ comp attorneys.

Workplace Violence Consulting

With the prevalence of Workplace Violence, it has become crucial for employers to develop and implement effective measures to reduce or eliminate workplace violence hazards.

McCabe Associates can offer Risk Assessments (Physical Security) and Security Consulting (Threat & Vulnerability Assessments, Security Audits, Security Planning, Policy & Procedure Review & Development, and Policy & Program Valuation) tailored to meet your business’s unique needs by highly experienced personnel with backgrounds in national and international law enforcement and security risk professionals.