Anti-Illicit Trade

Illicit products generally refer to all goods produced, imported, exported, purchased, sold or transported, failing to comply with legislation. Terms commonly used to describe illicit trade are contraband, counterfeit, or product prohibited in the country of commercialization, but may be expanded to include other irregularities.

McCabe Associates has decades of experience in developing and managing highly effective and expansive anti-illicit trade programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Asset Search (Asset Trace)

Protect Your Business, Protect Yourself.

Asset search and discovery is a highly specialized type of investigation, demanding extensive experience, access, and resources. The skill of locating hidden assets such as; real estate, personal property, corporate and business affiliations, as well as financial accounts, requires a wide range of methods and sources.

McCabe Associates access to international and proprietary databases, combined with our experience and resources, yields greater results for discovery of the trails of hidden assets.

McCabe Associates can conduct a quick and discreet asset search to protect your interests, your client, your business and your shareholders.

Background Investigations

A Background Investigation, also known as a “background check”, is the process of investigation and research to gather information, data, and records about a person or entity. Whether you are hiring a new employee, entering a new business or personal venture, investigating liability claims, screening a potential client, vetting, hiring a nanny or health care worker, or going through a divorce, the ability to conduct effective background research can reduce your risk and improve the accuracy of information or lack thereof.

McCabe Associates Background Investigation services utilize ethical and lawful information-gathering methods, using technological sources, open-sources, proprietary databases and information developed through human intelligence to develop information, gather data and facts, on the reputations of individuals to protect our clients’ interests.

Our Background Investigations are provided with three levels of services (basic, intermediate and advanced), that can be tailored to the needs of our clients.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations can expose fraud, quantify loss, and identify the perpetrators; but a well-defined, well-done corporate investigation can also protect a company’s assets, brand and reputation.

McCabe Associates provides the highest quality private investigation services to serve the distinct needs of our corporate and business clients. Since 1992, McCabe Associates has been handling sensitive business matters and investigations including employee theft, employee sabotage, embezzlement, employee contracts and non-compete matters, business intelligence, intellectual property, patent and trademark matters, eavesdropping protection through debugging and electronic countermeasures, brand and reputation protection, as well as other business investigation matters (internal and external). Our private investigators work discreetly and intelligently to obtain facts and uncover the truth in each case.

McCabe Associates has extensive experience in performing both internal and external corporate investigations. Our investigative cross-disciplinary team is comprised of experienced senior investigators from previous careers as prosecutors, law enforcement (federal, state, local, and national), and military. Our investigators have experience in background checks, due diligence, criminal, civil, internal, computer forensics, forensic accounting, surveillance, electronic surveillance, fire cause and origin, and research analysts.

McCabe Associates investigators will provide you with the professional services of on-the-scene investigations, collection of evidence, locating of witnesses, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, obtaining photographs and video, surveillance, research, analysis, preparation of reports that are thorough and accurate, and presenting expert testimony.

McCabe’s services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Fraud, Theft & Embezzlement
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Workplace Violence Threats
  • Computer Forensics
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Code of Conduct Violations
  • Risk Assessments (Security and Safety)

Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations are in general, a term describing investigations that simply have to do with individuals involved with personal and family matters. Domestic investigations allow you to investigate those who are closest to you, who work for you, or who are involved with you and your family, with the emphasis being to help safeguard you and your family.

McCabe Associates has a diversified array of services for individuals and family-related matters. Our team of investigators is well versed in the increasingly growing and complex matters of family relationships that are very difficult for people to manage.

McCabe Associates offers services to individuals and lawyers in matters of adoption, backgrounds, divorce, separation, child custody and visitation, infidelity, spousal abuse, child abuse, nanny’s and household staffing, and other matters. Our investigations are conducted in a confidential, discreet, and professional manner with the collection of evidence to support litigation when warranted.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Fraud is a problem that costs billions of dollars each year. All Insurance companies feel the strain of exaggerated or false claims. It’s an industry-wide problem.

McCabe Associates is a full-service insurance fraud investigative firm. We provide consultation and fraud investigations to insurance companies, third party administrators (TPA’s), self-insured corporations, and defense attorneys.

McCabe Associates has an extensive range of services in all specialized forms of liability investigations, such as arson claims, auto accidents, worker’s compensation claims, injuries and accidents, and complex claims to determine whether legitimate or fraudulent. This is to assist and protect the client.

Insurance investigations are deceptively complex and require a wide variety of investigative skills, to include; on-the-scene investigation, collection of evidence, locating of witnesses, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, obtaining photographs and video, surveillance, research, analysis, activity checks, and the preparation of comprehensive reports that are thorough and accurate. McCabe Associates investigators are experienced in presenting testimony at hearing and trials.

McCabe’s investigations go beyond standard claims handling to successful investigations, disposition, or litigation.

McCabe Associates handles many types of insurance fraud investigations, including:

  • Health
  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Disability

Internal Investigations

Conducting an internal investigation can be a difficult task. An investigation into employee wrongdoing can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming, and can also lead to a variety of legal problems and other unexpected complications if it is not conducted with the utmost care and confidentiality. However, a well-run internal investigation can enhance a company’s overall well-being and can help detect the source of lost funds, identify responsible parties and recover losses. It can also provide a defense to legal charges by terminated or disgruntled employees. But perhaps most importantly, an internal investigation will signal to other employees that the company will not tolerate fraud.

Internal investigations aim to uncover the truth about alleged misconduct within the company or organization. But a good internal investigation must do so without compromising the relationship with innocent employees or unnecessarily damaging anyone’s reputation. That calls for a comprehensive and structured plan that is objective-driven, consistently executed, fact-finding, analytical, sensitive, and versed in the legalities involved.

Typical elements of an investigation include collection and examination of written or recorded evidence, interviews with suspects and witnesses, and computer and network forensics. It may also require consultation with managers, human resources and legal personnel, and potentially law enforcement. The exact players and actions will be ONLY those dictated as necessary by the particular case at hand.

McCabe Associates has extensive experience in performing internal investigations regardless of the industry. Our investigative cross-disciplinary team is comprised of experienced senior investigators from previous careers as in law enforcement, corporate asset protection, business managers, and finance managers.

McCabe Associates investigators will provide you with the professional services of on-the-scene investigation, collection of evidence, interviewing, obtaining statements, photographs and video, surveillance, research, analysis, computer forensics, forensic accounting, risk assessment and the preparation of reports that are thorough and accurate for administrative and/or legal proceedings.

Missing Persons Investigations

Over many years, lessons have been learned when investigating missing persons. Outside of the traditional law enforcement approach, McCabe Associates has an experienced team of investigators that can pursue many alternative avenues of investigations that can yield positive results. Law enforcement agencies have enormous caseloads, limited manpower, and can be restricted in a missing person case unless the circumstances are extreme and exigent.

McCabe Associates investigators come from careers in law enforcement with years of experience in these types of investigations. The McCabe Associates team can be more dedicated to the investigation with much more time to work on missing adults, runaway teenagers, and abducted children with global and national resources without the burden of law enforcement caseloads. The McCabe Associates investigators can and will work closely with law enforcement when necessary or warranted.

McCabe Associates approaches Missing Person investigations proactively differing from the often-reactive approach made by law enforcement. Commonly, police agencies do not have the same resources available for adult cases, and often it takes the media spotlight to spur law enforcement into action during the disappearance, abduction, or kidnapping where there is suspected foul play.

Timely and accurate intelligence are the two factors that can solve most cases; and missing persons are no different. The more time that elapses between when the person actually goes missing and when the report and investigation commences, the harder it is to find your missing person.

Professional Interviewing and Statements

Whether our client is an employer, Human Resource professional, attorney, or an insurance company, McCabe Associates has experienced investigators who have the knowledge, communication skills, and skillset to conduct effective fact-finding interviews.

Depending on the needs and objective of the client, McCabe Associates investigators can assist in conducting the interview and obtain the facts with the preparation of a detailed statement from the respective interviewee.

In the workplace, McCabe’s discreet approach minimizes the strain of the investigative process at the business with minimal disruption to other staff and the operations.

McCabe Associates investigators are experienced in taking statements in the preparation of Statements of Fact and Affidavits, the completion of insurance and financial forms specific to the clients, and have technical resources if the interviews are to recorded by audio and video.

School District Investigations

School District Investigations are conducted when allegations arise that an employee has violated the employee code of conduct, policy and procedures, the Principles of Professional Practices, the Code of Ethics or Principles of Professional Conduct, other State Board of Education Rule, or violated a state or federal statute.

These Investigations are comprehensive, in-depth, fact-finding endeavors to obtain all the information involving the complaint for the school district or the attorney representing the school district.

Investigations may involve obtaining, reviewing and analyzing documents, obtaining other forms of evidence, surveillance, conducting interviews of victims and witnesses or other involved parties, and the individual who is the subject of the investigation. The investigation involves a complete analysis of all the facts and evidence gathered and is finalized with a comprehensive report which compiles all relevant statements and evidence obtained. The results of the investigation will typically determine if or to what degree the allegations occurred, confirmed or exonerated, with the submission of a detailed investigative report, statements, and any evidence collected.

McCabe Associates investigators are highly trained and experienced in handling these investigations and working with school districts, state departments of education, and union representatives.

School District investigations can take on many different forms:

  • Administrative: Investigations that are employee-related to determine if disciplinary action should be taken by an employer against an employee.
  • Criminal: Investigations into possible criminal activity by a district
    employee, which if substantiated could result in arrest and prosecution.
  • School Residency Verification: Investigations to determine if a student and his/her family is in fact living within the school district where the student is attending.
  • Internal Investigations: Conduct confidential and impartial internal investigations involving alleged misconduct by an employee (security guard, bus driver, teacher, maintenance, administrative and clerical staff). These investigations include; sexual harassment, age discrimination, excessive force by staff or faculty, employee theft, activity checks, and surveillance. These investigations can also include student matters that have occurred on the school property.
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks: Verify previous employment, workers’ compensation claims, references, criminal record checks, driving history, credit checks and residency verification.
  • High-Risk Terminations: Safeguarding the School District, its employees, and district facilities in high-risk termination matters when an employee is terminated.
  • Video Surveillance: Covert video lawful surveillance in public places within the school property.
  • Risk Assessments (Security, Safety, and Penetration Assessments): Performing high-quality Security, Safety and Penetration Assessments to reveal and reduce risk. Our assessments will cover everything from initial consultations, undercover investigations, field evaluations, follow-up consultations and professionally written reports with recommendations.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation fraud is a crime. Because of the complexity of cases and tremendous losses associated with workers’ compensation fraud, clients have combated it by initiating investigations to pursue these criminals to reduce fraud. McCabe Associates works for a number of clients, locally and nationwide, in conducting Workers’ Compensation investigations with proven results.

If you own a business, are an insurance agent or Third Party Administrator, Human Resource manager, or otherwise are responsible for employees or workers, a Workers’ Compensation investigation can help ensure that each of the workers filing a Worker’s Compensation claim is entitled to compensation benefits.
McCabe Associates investigators have the knowledge, experience and use a variety of techniques to uncover Workers’ Compensation fraud. Workers’ Compensation or AOE/COE (Arising out of Employment/Course of Employment) investigations are conducted to gather the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job. The purpose of an AOE/COE investigation is to establish the details of an alleged injury, as well as to ascertain whether the alleged injury was work-related and happened during the course of employment, or whether the injury was non-work related.
Experienced AOE/COE investigators oftentimes identify Subrogation issues, as well as other possible contributory factors. AOE/COE (Arising out of Employment/Course of Employment)

McCabe Associates is a full-service insurance fraud investigative firm. We provide consultation and fraud investigations to insurance companies, third party administrators (TPA’s), self-insured corporations, and workers’ compensation attorneys.