It’s reported that identity theft is now listed as one of the most commonly reported fraud complaints received by the United States Federal Trade Commission. The misuse of a person’s name, date of birth, Social Security number, or other identifiers is beneficial to the thief and devastating to the victim. In fact, victims of identity theft are often overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem and the associated impact it can have on their personal and family’s welfare.

McCabe Associates can conduct an identity theft investigation to help you restore control of your privacy and personal information. Unfortunately, victims of identity theft are required to take a proactive approach to the proper resolution of problems generated by the theft of their identities. McCabe Associates is able to provide assistance in such cases by undertaking an investigation to identify and expose the perpetrator and then providing the information and facts to law enforcement and creditors.

Types of identity theft range from stolen credit cards and bank account numbers to the misuse of personal information for various reasons. If you suspect that you might have been victimized, call McCabe Associates immediately. The McCabe team of private investigators have a wide range of experience in economic crime investigations. We will assist you with obtaining and organizing the necessary evidence for the police to continue their investigation and assist you in getting your identity back on track.