Inevitably, there comes a time in every human resource manager’s existence where a complaint, an accusation, alleged employee misconduct, or a rumor of something amiss comes to their attention requiring some sort of action. And occasionally, a complaint may arrive through an outside agency, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or even a lawsuit.

These represent situations where an internal investigation is called for; to gather facts, sort out the details, and then finally, to reach a conclusion which leads to an employment decision, a response to an agency, or to prepare a defense in a lawsuit.

Well-done human resource investigations serve other purposes. For example, they can serve as a demonstration to staff that their employer is committed to objective and fair treatment of employees.

No matter how hard an employer and the human resource manager tries to treat all employees in a fair manner, chances are, a time will come when a staff member will react to an employment decision negatively and perceive that he or she was treated unjustly. In other instances, an employee’s supervisor may actually have injured the employee in some way or violated company policy.

When an employer is faced with an internal investigation, it should be done correctly and by a qualified private investigator following proper procedures with detailed documentation in preparation for a labor hearing or trial.

Many human resource investigations fall under the category of internal investigations. McCabe Associates’ private investigators are highly trained in these investigations with extensive experience in the corporate world. Contact us about our human resources investigations.