Asset Recovery Support

Tracing assets allow a corporation or individual to identify and recover assets lost through theft or fraudulent acts through a legal process or settlement. Asset search and discovery is a highly specialized type of investigation, demanding extensive experience, access and resources. The skill of locating hidden assets such as; real estate, personal property, corporate and business affiliations, as well as financial accounts, requires a wide range of methods and sources.

McCabe Associates team of experts work with our clients and often the client’s legal advisors to locate assets and provide support during the recovery process.

Background Screening

Background Screening is an excellent step towards reducing risk. Today’s business environment dictates prudent business practices that require background investigations of persons involved with you, your business or your clients. Background Screening is valuable for pre-employment, volunteers, tenants, business partners or others involved with you, your family or your business.

McCabe Associates Background Screening services utilize ethical and lawful information-gathering methods, using technological sources, open-sources, proprietary databases and information developed through human intelligence to develop information on the reputations of individuals to protect our clients’ interests.

Our Background Screening services can be tailored to the needs of our clients.

Business Intelligence

The right research and analysis is paramount in protecting your business interests when it comes to alliances, acquisitions, investments and other business ventures. Knowledge is key to ensuring that investments, business relationships and transactions, and other major decisions lead to positive outcomes.

McCabe Associates is experienced in using an extensive network of resources and open source information to prepare an analysis that can be used to assist in the decision making process. Our product is flexible in its style, structure, content, and cost, all depending on the client’s business objective and budget.

Our diverse industry experience, and our worldwide investigative reach, allow us to act as a crucial intelligence gathering resource for clients seeking to make informed decisions about crucial strategic initiatives, transactions and relationships. In the business world, information and knowledge is power.

The professional team at McCabe Associates will use paramount discretion and ensure your confidentiality with the highest legal and ethical standards.


McCabe Associates Compliance-Related Due Diligence capabilities provide companies with cost effective resources to identify potential risks and support compliance with a variety of legislation to include (but not limited to) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act, and the USA Patriot Act. Intelligence collected through a variety of means has allowed early detection of potential violations and has saved our clients millions of dollars in fines and legal actions.


Corporate Due Diligence is an intensive investigation of a corporation and its directors and officers as one of the first steps in a pending merger or acquisition. Due diligence is a process of acquiring objective and reliable information, generally on a person or a company, prior to a specific event or decision. It is usually a systematic research effort, which is used to gather the critical facts and descriptive information which are most relevant to the making of an informed decision on a matter of importance.

McCabe Associates has one of the most comprehensive and experienced teams in the United States and globally to meet the needs of our clients to reduce risk.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Know Your Customer (KYC) investigations are increasingly required by all industries to ensure that agents, consultants, distributors, and clients are anti-bribery compliant and assist in mitigating risks associated with money laundering, terrorist finance, and financial fraud, among other areas.

McCabe Associates team of experts have knowledge and experience with global anti-bribery legislation such as USA Patriot Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery act, and can guide your business in structuring and executing the most effective KYC program.

Market Survey

Investigative Market Surveys assist our clients in identifying and defining problems as well as in researching potential new markets. Such surveys are often used as initial investigative inquiries in cases of contraband, counterfeit, and grey market activity.

McCabe Associates team of experienced investigators provide covert investigations worldwide in revealing illicit operations and intelligence of counterfeiters and distributors. These investigations include, but are not limited to, sample purchases, site visits, and other types of inquiries.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions due diligence investigations are vital to perform before an acquisition, company purchase, or merger because it ensures that liabilities are not hidden and that there are no details left uncovered. A due diligence investigation attempts to uncover details of a company’s management, finances, performance, clients, suppliers, mission, history, and any other details that may affect how a company does business. A due diligence investigation ensures that there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road.

The McCabe Associates team can assist in designing the appropriate scope of inquiries and has the global resources to obtain the intelligence that business leaders need to make informed strategic decisions.

Records Retrieval

McCabe Associates professional team of investigators provides Records Search and Retrieval that meet the needs of our clients; both nationally and internationally. Our investigators are knowledgeable and can provide the most cost effective and efficient methods of obtaining documents that are required to meet the objective of the client.

McCabe Associates Records Research and Retrieval team specializes in providing Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Corporations, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and other clients with nationwide and international records retrieval.


A business’s most valuable asset is its name, its brand and its reputation. These values of a company, known as Brand Reputational Value have four basic elements: expectations, perceptions, business relationships and unique intellectual property assets. Improved quality and protection in each of those areas increases financial value for the company or organization.

Why Reputational Due Diligence? McCabe Associates team of professionals from the corporate and investigative worlds, provides a comprehensive approach to protect our clients and investors with safeguards against fraud and non-compliance issues. It’s a strategic method to enhance performance and create real value, identification of problems, evaluating partners, and a pro-active methodology towards measured opportunities.

The McCabe Associates team leverages the skill and experience of our professionals, and tailor our methodology to develop a due diligence investigation strategy best suited to our clients’ needs.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is the process of locating an individual, often for the purpose of collecting an unpaid debt, bringing the individual to justice, reuniting with a family, among other reasons. The services provided include (but are not limited to):

  • Debt collections and judgment collections
  • Witness location and expert location
  • Witness questioning
  • Service of legal documents

McCabe Associates uses innovative investigative methods and resources in the gathering and analysis of information and data in locating individuals in the skip tracing process.

McCabe Associates investigators work closely with law firms and recovery agencies in locating individuals of interest pursuant to the respective objectives of our clients. We are not a collection or repossession agency.