In general, “domestic investigations” is a term that describes private investigations that simply have to do with individuals involved with personal and family matters. Domestic investigations allow you to investigate those who are closest to you, who work for you, or who are involved with you and your family, with the emphasis being to help safeguard you and your family.

McCabe Associates has a diversified array of private investigation services for individuals and family-related matters. Our team of investigators is well-versed in the increasingly growing and complex matters of family relationships that are very difficult for people to manage.

McCabe Associates offers services to individuals and lawyers in matters of adoption, background checks, divorce, separation, child custody and visitation, infidelity, spousal abuse, child abuse, nannies and household staffing, and other matters. Our private investigations are conducted in a confidential, discreet, and professional manner with the collection of evidence to support litigation when warranted.