Whether you are in the United States or Latin America, McCabe Associates has the right investigative team for criminal defense support. Our staff has experienced lawyers, former prosecutors, former law enforcement, forensic accountants, computer forensic technicians, and field investigators with a wide range of expertise.

Criminal defense attorneys need refined and established private investigators to provide professional criminal defense investigations to support advocacy of the client and to protect constitutional rights. McCabe Associates investigators work closely with criminal defense attorneys for defense preparation of state and federal misdemeanor or felony criminal cases. During the investigative process, the attorney’s strategy for defense and discovery is exhaustively reviewed and an investigative approach is coordinated by investigators for fact-finding.

McCabe Associates brings you the array of litigation support services, from on-the-scene, pre-trial investigation and research, to concluding analysis and expert testimony. Our investigators can be a valuable part of any lawyer’s case preparation.  McCabe obtains, develops, and analyzes information to support your criminal defense team.

McCabe Associates criminal defense investigations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Felony investigations
  • Misdemeanor investigations
  • Interviews and statements
  • Courthouse/clerk’s office records searches
  • Subpoena/process service
  • Video depositions
  • Trial support
  • Witness locates
  • Discovery review
  • Crime scene video and photo documentation

Do you need our private investigation services for your defense team? Contact McCabe Associates for guidance.