As a small business owner, you are likely aware of many obvious security issues to look out for, such as theft, but you may not have considered embezzlement. Embezzlement is a difficult crime to catch because by its very nature, it is done by someone you trust. In order to embezzle money from your company, a criminal has to be someone to whom you would give control of your money. To protect your company from embezzlement, consider hiring McCabe Associates for our security services.

Why embezzlement is a risk

Embezzlement occurs most often when there is a single employee who controls the finances of an organization, such as an accountant. At larger companies, a checks and balances system naturally comes into play, because the finances require the work of more than one individual. The trouble with small businesses is that they often are forced to leave accounting tasks in the hands of only one individual, giving that person the power to embezzle and potentially destroy your business. Additionally, because small businesses provide a more intimate setting, there is naturally more of a familial environment, even if it is not a family business. This makes small business owners put more faith in their employees. Unfortunately, this trust is often misplaced; embezzlement is often committed by the most trusted employees, because being in that trusted position makes it easier to get away with it.

Why hire security

This is where hiring an outside security firm comes in handy. At McCabe Associates, we provide security services for businesses to help you identify embezzlement and any potential future risks. Having an objective outsider protects against embezzlement because we are not distracted by personal relationships. Additionally, we have extensive experience with evaluating security systems, making us great candidates for improving your small business’s security and protecting against embezzlement. Call us today for more information.