Your employees are the most valuable asset to your company. Therefore, executive protection is sometimes necessary for high profile employees. Whether it is a high level executive in your company or you yourself, McCabe Associates can provide executive protection for your company to protect your valuable assets. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire McCabe Associates for our executive protection services:

We are more than just bodyguards

A bodyguard can certainly be beneficial to protect you from harm, but executive protection goes beyond physically guarding someone. We will provide a thorough analysis of the exact risk to your employees, and consult your company on how to reduce this risk. For example, the internet often has a lot of information about an executive that a criminal could use to their advantage, so we may consult with your marketing department on what information should not be released to the public. Executive protection involves more research and strategy than simply providing physical protection.

We have the experience and training

When you hire someone for executive protection, you need them to exhibit a level of professionalism that reflects the values of your company. With years of experience, we are very familiar with what companies want from an executive protection service. Our trained personnel have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, security, and counterterrorism, so you can be sure that we have an advanced level of knowledge about security and protection.

When you and your company require executive protection, McCabe Associates has the experience, training, and methodology that will make you confident in the security of your employees. Contact us today to discuss our executive protection services.