Workers’ compensation insurance exists to aid employees who are injured at work. It is intended to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and any other expenses during the employee’s recovery time. However, some people try to take advantage of this insurance and will fraudulently claim injury to receive workers’ compensation. It is difficult for employers to disprove these claims, so it has become an increasingly common way for people to cheat their employers. Unfortunately, to compensate for the increase in workers’ compensation claims, insurance companies raise the premium for these services, costing the employer more money. Sometimes, these premiums are so high that they force the business to lay off its employees, or even close entirely. For this reason, it is crucial that employers are diligent about investigating workers’ compensation claims. At McCabe Associates, we can help you investigate workers’ compensation claims to ensure that they are legitimate.

Why hire private investigators?

Private investigators at McCabe Associates are specially trained and certified to handle these cases. We can investigate into the potential fraud and acquire evidence to help your court case. By using tools that are not available to the general public, we are able to see the claim from a perspective that is not possible from simple observation. Some tools that private investigators can use include:


Private investigators will interview employees seeking workers’ compensation to get all of the details of the claim. These interviews can be used as evidence in court, and can reveal enlightening information that wouldn’t be obtained otherwise.


Private investigators can use surveillance, including audio and video recordings, to investigate whether an employee is fraudulently claiming injury. Evidence obtained for surveillance can show that the employee has exaggerated the injury to receive more benefits.

Gathering evidence

Private investigators are skilled at gathering evidence, which is essential to contesting a workers’ compensation claim. With our knowledge and experience, we know what evidence you need, and how to obtain it.

Background checks

Private investigators are also pros at running background investigations. A background investigation may aid a workers’ compensation investigation by showing whether an employee has made fraudulent claims against past employers.

It is essential for the success of your business that you investigate any workers’ compensation claims to prevent fraud. If you require private investigators, McCabe Associates can help. Contact us today to learn about our investigation services.