At McCabe Associates, we have brought together a group of trained and experienced professionals from law enforcement, military, security, and counterterrorism backgrounds to provide you with private investigation services. Here are some common reasons people come to us for private investigation:

Child custody cases

When you are fighting for custody of your child, you need evidence for the courtroom. A private investigator from McCabe Associates can collect facts for you, and act as a witness for you in court.

Background checks

Private investigation is particularly helpful when you need to look into someone’s background. Whether someone has recently come into your life who causes you concern, or you are hiring a new employee, there are many reasons why you may require a background check. McCabe Associates uses proprietary databases and advanced investigative techniques to obtain a thorough history of the individual.

Investment scam prevention

When you are thinking about making an investment, it is important to perform due diligence to make sure you are not being scammed. Unfortunately, the internet has given scammers better access to victims than ever. Before you invest, take a thorough look to make sure this opportunity is legitimate by hiring a private investigator.

Divorce investigations

If you are going through a divorce, you may find it helpful to hire a private investigator. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding something from you, whether it is infidelity or shared assets, a private investigator can shed light on information that may help you during divorce proceedings.

Regardless of your reasoning, hiring a private investigation company like McCabe Associates can help you make decisions by giving you the information you need. Contact us today for more information about our private investigation services.