At McCabe Associates, we regularly conduct due diligence investigations for our clients. A due diligence investigation is a crucial first step before signing any contracts that legally bond you to a company. Due diligence investigations can save you problems in the long run by addressing any concerns before it’s too late.

What is a due diligence investigation?

A due diligence investigation is a type of corporate investigation that is conducted in order to reveal pertinent information about a company before employment or a major transaction. They are most often conducted before company mergers, purchases, or acquisitions. The aim is to unveil the details of a company’s performance, finances, management, history, goals, clients, industry, and any other relevant details.

When do I need a due diligence investigation?

Due diligence investigations can be a helpful tool in a variety of situations. As mentioned above, before a merger, acquisition, or purchase, it is crucial to have a full picture of the company. Additionally, if you plan to take a high-ranking position at a company, a due diligence investigation can help you fully understand the liabilities of the company before you sign a contract, and put you in a better position during the negotiation process. Whenever you are in a situation in which your financial well-being is linked to a business, a due diligence investigation is a good idea.

What does a due diligence investigation entail?

During a due diligence investigation, we will use all of our resources to form a complete picture of a company for you. This may include using background checks, surveillance, asset searches, and other business and financial investigation methods. We may also look into public records, speak with clients or customers of the company, and contact higher offices to ensure the legitimacy of a company. Whatever information you need about a company, we will do our best to uncover it using our years of experience and training in private investigation.

What are the benefits of due diligence investigations?

Due diligence investigations can offer many benefits. First of all, a due diligence investigation allows you to make fully informed financial and business decisions for yourself. This information can prevent you from making a mistake that could be financially devastating to you. Signing a contract with an illegitimate or failing company could also leave you vulnerable to lawsuits. Having a clear picture of the health of a company is essential before you involve your money or time with them. Though the information we uncover for you may not be what you want to hear, it is better to learn now before you are financially liable.

Do you need a due diligence investigation conducted? McCabe Associates can help. Our years of experience in private investigations have informed us on the proper way to discreetly and thoroughly conduct these investigations, so you can have the information you need to make the right choice.